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Fireborn Zireael

aka Ciri


DOB: 08/10/2020

Weight: c. 38 kg

Height: 69cm

BVA Hip score: 3:4
BVA Elbow score: 0:0
Eyes: Clear
DM: Carrier
OSD3: Clear

Breed: Northern Inuit Dog

DNA profiled - Embark

Northern Inuit Ciri.jpg

- She is a daughter of our Korra and handsome Yuri from Honiahaka Northern Inuits
- Clown of the pack
- Absolutely loves playing with other dogs and is not even remotely "a Lady"

- Very loving and affectionate and gives very sloppy kisses
- Will greet and meet everyone with great big tail wag
- She likes her voice being heard and doesn't take "no" for an answer
- She is always happy and tries to make everyone else happy around her

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