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Fireborn Lukoi Aginor

aka Fenrir


DOB: 06/05/2019

Weight: c. 40kg

Height: 70cm

BVA Hip score: 6:4
BVA Elbow score: 0:0
Eyes: Clear
DM: Clear
OSD3: Clear

Breed: Northern Inuit Dog F2 (75% original NI lines)

DNA profiled - Embark

Available at stud at Fireborn Northern Inuits. Please contact us for more details if you are interested in this special boy. 

Northern Inuit Fenrir.jpg
Northern Inuit Fenrir F2.jpg

- Full of character who loves to play
- Very clever and calm with a knack for figuring  out how things work..... yes baby safety locks are installed around the house
- He needs to be the centre of attention ... even if everyone needs to be reminded of this every 5 minutes
- Very sociable around humans

Fenrir has been bred by us and he was born in 2019 in a litter of 11 puppies. His mummy is Korra and dad - Mij - check out their litter page HERE. He has grown to be an amazing young man and we couldnt be prouder of him.

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