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Life with Northern Inuit and White Swiss Shepherd Puppy

So how it actually is, to be living with a Northern Inuit Dog or White Swiss Shepherd (as those two breeds are very similar).....

Well, it is a life changing experience.... however dramatic this sounds it is actually true. We were always meant to have taken one from the rescue shelter...then we were only getting Talo to keep Echo company....then we were only meant to temporarily foster.... To be honest we wouldn't have it any other way. They are extremely addictive, so beware because you might not end up with just one but a few (this is what has happened to many of us).


On your journey through the Northern Inuit and White Swiss Shepherd world you will definitely acquire a lot of new skills and equipment:


- You are likely to acquire a really good camera as you want to make those stunning photos of your puppy every single day
- If you are not on social media, you will most likely join, as you will want to connect with other owners to learn and share your experiences
- As they turn the heads wherever you go, you will find yourself talking about the breed to complete strangers with a passion that could make politicians envy
- You know your sports car? well.. this one will be most likely replaced by a 4x4, van or other vehicle where your Northern Inuit or White Swiss puppy will feel comfortable and safe (or even buy a caravan so you are comfortable as well)
- High heels will be replaced by sturdy walking boots as you would like to take your dog for long walks exploring the countryside
- Your stunning dress will be replaced by t-shirts, jeans, walking trousers and fleeces (of course all covered in dog hair as they do have a double coat)
- You will most likely start traveling a lot of miles to meet up with other owners for walks and go to the shows to socialise your puppy
- You will find yourself researching newest liver cake recipes so that you can treat your best friend
- You will find yourself buying a state of the art, new generation hoover to make sure you can get all of this hair off the floor
- Fur will be everywhere and you will love it.... a meal without a fur sprinkling would feel somehow incomplete
- Trip to the pet shop will be a daily occurrence as it usually takes them about 10min to destroy a toy (ok, a Kong lasts a bit longer)
- Did I mention that they love to dig? Your garden will be most likely rearranged (a few times) and it will resemble more of a moon landscape than the beautiful manicured lawn that was there before... unless you keep an eye on them while they are out - that's what we do and then let them dig elsewhere

- It is like having a permanent teenager in the house with selective hearing and denial that they know simplest commands...until you have a nice piece of ham in your hand
- And they learn very quickly how to open the doors.. so you will never be alone again...even in the bathroom
- Some of them like to talk....then you talk to them....and then they talk back. This is usually really funny...until you realise they are actually arguing with you!

- And then there are presents. They really love to share.... dead birds, mice and alive hedgehogs you step on to in the middle of the night, because they needed their own pet.

There is probably a lot of other things you will learn on your journey through the Northern Inuit and White Swiss Shepherd world.....


So if you still think you will be ready for all the above, then jump in and you will find that you wouldn't have your life any other way. They will make you laugh on a daily basis, they will accompany you wherever you go and teach you about what really matters in life.

Below is a short video made when Deimos was young. This is not a good example of training practice as I should have stopped the behaviour, however I wanted to keep this one as it really shows how full of character they are from young age. His training didn't suffer any harm as a result of this and he grew to become a really well mannered, balanced dog, but he does have his moments. Here he was arguing with me as I told him to calm down and he was simply a very bored puppy.....

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