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History of White Swiss Shepherd

White Swiss Shepherd is otherwise known as Berger Blanc Suisse.

At the creation of the German Shepherd Dog breed, all colours were accepted. It was in the first decades of the 20th century that the white exemplars began to be excluded in Europe. Berger Blanc Suisse has emerged from the white lines of the German Shepherd Dog. The foundation dogs were American and Canadian White Shepherds which were bred for their white coat and dark pigmentation over many generations. The progenitor in Switzerland was considered to be an American White Shepherd called Lobo White Burch born in 1967. Him and other imported dogs from America and Canada were considered to be foundation dog of the White Swiss Shepherd.

Since 1991 the White Swiss Shepherd Dog has been registered within the Swiss Studbook and in Nov 2002 the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) recognized the breed on a provisional basis.  Official FCI recognition was given on the 5th July 2011 and as Switzerland was the first country to officially recognise the White Swiss Shepherd as a distinct breed, they were credited as the country of origin, hence the name.

On 19th July 2017 the UK Kennel Club announced that the White Swiss Shepherd Dog would be given Kennel Club recognition with effect from 1st October 2017

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