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Fireborn Commander Shepherd

aka Tempest


DOB: 09/05/2022

Weight: c. 35 kg (still growing)

Height: 70cm

BVA Hip score: 2:3
BVA Elbow score: 0:0
Eyes: Clear (gonioscopy grade 0)
DM: Clear
OSD3: Clear

Breed: Northern Inuit Dog F2 (80% original Northern Inuit lines)

DNA profiled - Embark

Northern Inuit Dog_edited.jpg
Northern Inuit Puppy.jpg

- She is a daughter of our Korra and handsome Drake from Honiahaka Northern Inuits
- pack Peacekeeper and appeaser
- Sensitive soul who cannot love you any more

- Very calm and composed
- She likes people but also needs to get to know you better before she dives straight in for kisses and cuddles
- She talks a lot... we have had very long conversations about life and death
- Escape artist.... she frequently performs a standard test of our defences (she is particularly good at covert tunnel creation)

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