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Our Pack

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Wild Fire Reborn at Fireborn

aka Deimos

Deimos Northern Inuit Dog

Fireborn Lukoi Aginor 
aka Fenrir

Northern Inuit Fenrir F2.jpg

Fireborn Gwynbleidd 
aka Merlin

Northern Inuit Dog.jpg

Lukoi Alderaan Princess at Fireborn

aka Korra

Korra Northern Inuit Dog

Vivid Daydream Fireborn

aka Khione

Khione white swiss shepherd.jpg

Fireborn Commander Shepherd 
aka Tempest

Northern Inuit Dog.jpg

Honiahaka Nova A Queen's Journey
aka Talvi

Northern Inuit Dog_edited.jpg

Fireborn Zireael
aka Ciri

Fireborn Zireael.jpg
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