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Honiahaka Nova A Queen's Journey

aka Talvi


DOB: 20/09/2022

Weight: c. 30 kg (still growing)

Height: 65cm

BVA Hip score: 2:3
BVA Elbow score: 0:0
Eyes: Clear (gonioscopy grade 0)
DM: Clear
OSD3: Carrier

Breed: Northern Inuit Dog F3 (over 90% original Northern Inuit lines)

DNA profiled - Embark

Northern Inuit Talvi.JPG
Northern Inuit Dog.jpg

- Cuddle Monster & people pleaser
- This Princess does not sleep on the floor and likes to peruse her kingdom from her spot on the sofa
- Always gets what she wants
- Nickname - "The Evil Sprout" - we are sure in her spare time she is plotting to take over the world

- Loves to chew on Tempest - her bestest mate
- Loves to run and play.....constantly
- She talks a lot... and loves the sound of her own voice
- Explorer who always gets her nose into things first to check them out.... you never know it could be edible!

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