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Korra & Mij 2019


Dam: Lukoi Alderaan Princess

Sire: Shanaki the Black Cuillin aka Mij

Date of birth: 06.05.2019

Theme: The Forsaken

Breed: Northern Inuit Dog (F2 - 75% Northern Inuit)

This is our Northern Inuit Dog outcross where 75% of the resulting puppies' genes were from original Northern Inuit Dog fouding lines. Created to improve health and genetic diversity of the breed and to enhance our breeding programme. Mij is an amazing boy chosen specifically because of his impeccable health, fantastic temperament and of course... great looks. This litter has been extremely unusual because there were 11 puppies born! This is second biggest Northern Inuit Dog litter ever. 

Fireborn Northern Inuit puppies
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