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2020 Eye testing completed and passed!

Our Northern Inuits: Deimos, Theia and Korra have passed their British Veterinary Association annual eye testing with "clear" all the way this month.

As breeders, we follow the code of ethics of Northern Inuit Association ( We are registered Assured Breeders registered under the scheme governed by UK Kennel Club ( and our dogs undergo BVA eye testing every year (or before we make a decision to breed) to ensure that no ocular issues emerge as they get older.

This is particularly important to ensure that our Northern Inuit and White Swiss Shepherd puppies have the best start in life we can give them. Of course, nothing can be guaranteed in life, but we will do everything in our power to ensure we will breed as healthy puppies as we possibly can. If you are interested in our history check out our about us page:

PS. There is always one that is interested in something else 😂😂

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