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Fireborn planned Northern Inuit puppies!

We are very happy to announce Fireborn planned Northern Inuit puppies between our Theia (Mahlek Burning Love at Fireborn) and Yuri (Honiahaka Spirit of Destiny) from Honiahaka breeders of Northern Inuits, Wolfalikes and American Wolfdogs.

It normally takes us a long time to plan puppies because we give a great deal of consideration to the future potential:

- health of the puppies - ensuring that all parents are fully health tested, analysing pedigrees and levels of inbreeding using electronic software solutions and genetic testing and profiling.

- temperament and characters of the puppies - to ensure that we are following breed standard guidelines as close as possible choosing compatible parents and our knowledge of who they are as individuals.

- looks of the puppies - how the parents compliment each other in terms of looks and how closely aligned those would be to the overall breed standard

We are evaluating when the Northern Inuit puppies will be born to try and aligned the timing to Spring and Summer time as this has been partially proven and documented to improve the skeletal development of the puppies. Of course, we are looking at whether both parents are fully fit and healthy before making a decisions whether we are ready to have a litter.

When planning a litter we are always taking into consideration whether our Northern Inuit puppies fit in the overall breeding strategy of the Northern Inuit Association who we are registered breeders with. This is because every litter will have an impact on the future of this wonderful breed.

Some more photos of Theia and Yuri below:

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