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Northern Inuit and White Swiss Puppy from Fireborn

You would like to consider a Northern Inuit or White Swiss Shepherd puppy from Fireborn? Then please read on...

Heartfelt post from Fireborn HQ... On a weekly basis we receive a lot of enquiries about being owned by one of our puppies. Some of them just say: "how much?" or "puppies available?". We will respond to all of them but this type of message automatically will land in "do not consider" pile.

Our process and responsibility is to get to know you and your family better, make sure that you can care for one of our beloved puppies and that they will be happy. We carefully match puppies to their future families taking into account temperament, environment and lifestyles. Unless you are willing to put time and effort into developing the relationship with us and bond (at least for the life of the puppy) then please do not contact us because we are not the breeder for you. :)

For fun - happy photo of Theia and Akela (mummy and son)

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