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Olakhota Runs with the Moon

aka Talo


DOB: 29/12/2006

Weight: 33kg-35kg

Height: 60cm

Northern Inuit Spayed & Neuted

of the Year 2014 & 2015 & 2016

Northern Inuit Veteran
of the Year 2017 & 2018


Northern inuit
northern inuit dog

- Absolute cuddle monster and will sell his soul for human touch and attention
- His specialty is training humans to stroke him uncontrollably without even noticing they are doing it
- Love his ball and playing fetch
- Loves his food...a lot
- Selective hearing when called - food wrapper works best in this case
- Theia is his favourite girl and he is playing with her every day

Talo joined our pack in 2012 when he was 5 years old. He was  rescued by us. We know very little about his life before he came to us, but he is a happy boy that just likes to walk his own path. He is the first Northern Inuit that has achieved a gun dog certificate with excellent marks. He is now a bit too old to be running around and retrieving things, but he still likes to fetch a ball once in a while.

Northern inuit dog
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