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Mahlek Burning Love of Fireborn

aka Theia


DOB: 08/12/2016

Weight: 29kg-32kg

Height: 59cm

BVA Hip socre: 7:7
BVA Elbow score: 0:0
Eyes: Clear
DM: Carrier
OSD3: Clear

Breed: Northern Inuit Dog

DNA profiled - Embark

Retired from breeding. 

Northern Inuit dog
Northern Inuit puppy

- Mischievous girl that always has a sparkle of naughtiness in her eyes
- Very clever, calm, wise and picking things up very quickly (bad and good)
- Boss of the pack and will watch them from a far when she pleases
- Loves cuddles and attention but she needs to get to know you better first (after this she will treat you like a personal scratching slave) and she likes to talk to you
- She likes to run and play (especially with humans) but also chase birds :)

Awards, training and mothering


Theia has passed her Gold Kennel Club good citizen course. She has been training to become a sniffing dog :) She is now retired from having puppies giving this world two amazing litters: Blessed and Kharkanas Stories. She is an amazing Aunty teaching puppies all the important skills.

She has won a few rosettes during the shows, but most notably:

Northern Inuit Reserve Puppy of the Year 2017

Best Puppy in Show at Papplewick July 2017 and Leadhills August 2017

Reserve Best in Show at Leeming Bar 2018

1st Special Yearling at Leeming Bar 2018

Reserve Special Yearling of the Year 2018

Northern Inuit breeder
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