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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2020!

Fireborn Northern Inuit and White Swiss pack and their slaves would like to wish all of our puppy owners, friends and family very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2020!

Looking back, 2019 has been a very busy and exciting year:

- We have had our first Northern Inuit singleton Maui (Fireborn Angels Blessing). Very special boy who was the only survivor from Theia's litter.

- We have been awarded Assured Breeders status by the UK Kennel Club and have been the first Northern Inuit breeders to achieve this.

- We have been blessed with a very special Northern Inuit outcross litter - 11 amazing puppies have joined this world. They are turning out to be the most amazing companions and family members we could ever wish for. Those special puppies will improve and enhance the Northern Inuit breed and gene pool in the future.

- We have changed the breed club we register our Northern Inuit puppies to Northern Inuit Association, because their values and ethics are more aligned to ours and what we are trying to achieve in the future.

- White Swiss Shepherd - Khione has joined the pack. Her full Sunday name is Vivid Daydream Fireborn and has been bred by an amazing breeder in Netherlands. We cannot wait to see her grow.

When we look back it was a very busy year and 2020 looks equally as busy if not more for us. Just a few things that we are planning:

- Theia and Finn litter at her next season hopefully in the next couple of months (full Northern Inuit Dog litter)

- Korra and Yuri litter around mid 2020 (full Northern Inuit litter)

- We will be attending various events through the year

- We are planning to hold doggy meet ups and walkies

We cannot wait until the New Year to get started!

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